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It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem it’s me.

*me peeking out of a corner shyly…*


Aaaah guys don’t shout at me PLZ! I’m sorry I did not forget the blog but I was racking my brain for ideas and nothing was coming! OKAY I hear you. I said I had a lot of ideas for upcoming posts. (did I forget them…noooo of course not) *ahem* anyway kids, THIS is why you write your ideas down. Life lesson! Finally today I was like, IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY IDEAS JUST WRITE AND SAY THAT YOU’RE ALIVE AND DO EXIST. So here I am void, I exist. Although if the void was nothing then why would nothing care, but then again apparently there are people who actually read my posts which means that it’s not nothing but a void is nothing so if there are somethings in the nothing is it a void? What am I even writing to at this point?! *cue brain explosion* (No, at this point NO I do NOT know what i’m saying but does that count as a void definition?)  I’m doing long sentences and no paragraphs kind of on purpose because I’m writing whatever comes to my mind along the way and this is kind of the definition of rambling which is something I promised you guys when creating this blog  so you’re welcome. Also, my dad (hello if you’re reading this) went to Australia where I used to live without me so that means me = sad because I don’t get to see my friends who I haven’t seen since before covid. Am I making sense writing this whole thing bc if not feel free to tell me Although if you can tell me then it means I already posted this which means I cannot change it. Well, I can edit but if I was going to “edit” this then it is basically down to zero words soooo.. You all can imagine I make sense and pretend along with me. Oh because this just came into my mind and it is apparently how I write now ALINA! FROM (check out her amazing posts btw) you have written 98 comments on this blog so come on get it to ONE HUNDRED (Capitals were essential for full emphasis). What else? I need to read more, revise more and write more. Ha! All starts with the *sound* “rrrr”, yeah I didn’t say “r” for those of you who are like “but “write” doesn’t start with r!” Please let me just be proud of that. I’m also learning Macbeth right now for the second time by the way and honestly I don’t want to learn it again!! I’d rather study Romeo & Juliet and that’s only because I want to make connections with “These Violent Delights” by Chloe Gong. If you still haven’t read that after mentioning it in multiple posts, seriously? What are you doing? Right now I’m contemplating not fixing my typos which are many but then I think my dad (hi again) would have a heart attack because he already corrects so many when I thought I read over. Yup, I’m not the best at editing but it’s not my fault that autocorrect and pressing the wrong key happens! So if you don’t see any typos be thankful bc otherwise you would be reading almost gibberish. I think I’m going to stop now but you’ve probably already ran away from seeing the chaos of my brain and thought trains but if you’ve somehow stuck around then hi, bye and leave a story writing prompt in the comments! 

Bye bye,

I think I gave you a void definition or void confusion thing in there so I’m just gonna go ahead and post this hehe


11 responses to “It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem it’s me.”

  1. Ahh that’s totally fine Zahraa – even just posts like this are so fun to read, so that we still have you on the reader! 😆 Also I love how the whole concept of your blog is centred around a Void – because posts like this still make perfect sense, even if you can’t find a main concept!😆

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha thank youuu! Honestly, true. I think one of the main reasons I made it around the void was so I could make posts like this because I can just about talk about anything and rambling makes a bit of sense at least 😅

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  2. This was such a fun post to read! The T.Swift reference over there was awesome. Are you a swiftie too?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank youu!! Yes of course! I thought those lyrics were perfect and couldn’t unsee that being the title after I thought of it😆


      1. You’re most welcome. Wow! That’s amazing. Glad to meet another fellow swiftie here.😁

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha yesss!! Glad to know it 😁


    2. Oooh! Hey there fellow Swifties!
      *Starts singing* It’s me. Hi, I’m the problem it’s me.

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      1. Hellooooo
        *continues* At tea time. Everybody agrees.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ll stare directly at the sun but never in the mirror, it must be exhausting to be rooting for the anti hero…


  3. AaAaah! SO Much chAos! BUt it iS StilL FunNy!! 😄
    Here’s your prompt- A walk in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact that I’m dragging a body behind me should be irrelevant.
    Waiting for a story!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. HAHAHA I know -was there too much chaos?? 😬😬
      Oooh thank youuu! Maybe that will be my next post…


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