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An NYC piece of flash fiction

Dear Void*!

So, here’s a piece of fiction you’ve all been asking for 🫡

Walking through the bustling streets of New York City, through the flashing lights of Times Square, the masses move in and out like the ebbing and flowing of tides. In the distance I hear sirens and constant chatter envelopes me. Blinking images are continuous and never ending. I am merely one among the hundreds of people in front of me, behind me and beside me. One crowd bunched together yet each one stays to themselves -individuals of all types randomly grouped together by just going in the same direction being the common factor. It is a strange thought that if I stopped everyone would merely sidestep around me and continue walking as if I were nothing but an obstacle in their path. A pebble in a gushing stream. If I fell, would they notice? All around me colours and noise surround me but there is a barrier and everything feels muted. Is it possible to be surrounded by people and yet still be isolated? Because whether I am there or not, the crowds will be there, the lights continue to flash and the noise will never cease. Because whether I am here or not, awake or asleep this city will never pause for it is the city that never sleeps.

This piece of flash fiction is inspired by my trip to NYC yet completely the opposite of what I felt! I was mostly in awe and kinda just standing mesmerised! Also, for me the crowds were so cool and unlike my character it felt like one body moving together! But I thought I’d just take the complete opposite of my experience and write a story!

Bye Bye!


*If multiple people enter the void at the same time it’s not nothing there is it? There’s even other someone’s! But maybe you’re too engrossed in yourself to realise there are other people there as well so it still feels like loneliness. This only just came to me while writing rn but it’s probably important to remember that since there are always people around you even when you feel alone 🙂


8 responses to “An NYC piece of flash fiction”

  1. Really enjoyed this writ up Zahra. More power to you!!

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  2. Amazing
    Love it!

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  3. ZAHRA??? THIS IS AMAZINGNESS???? I love it so so much ok 😭😭 I’ve always thought flash fiction to be too difficult to write BECAUSE HOW DO YOU KEEP WITHIN THE LIMIT WHEN THERES TOO MANY THINGS YOU WANT TO CONVEY IN THAT ONE PIECE OF STORY RIGHT. Except you do it PERFECTLY.

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    1. AWWW THANKSSS!! Honestly I’m finding it harder now to continue a story lengthwise and need more inspiration but still THANK YOU I wasn’t sure how good it was!!


  4. Such powerful imagery Zahra! Glad you had a much better time in New York – you’ll have to tell us some of the highlights 😆

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    1. Thanks Zainab!!! Hahahaha yes definitely!! Ooh that really is an idea 💡

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