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Happy New Year + Hello again + Books of the year

Dear Void*,


How is it already 2023??!! There’s gonna be a lot of crossing 2022 out and then suddenly remembering it’s a new year but then again what else was I going to expect?

How did everyone celebrate their New Years? Mine was on a plane from the USA back to Qatar and due to crossing MULTIPLE time zones it got so confusing because we just kept skipping time! It was weird.

Anyway, speaking of the plane you can probably connect the dots that I was on holiday in the US which lead to me neglecting my blog completely (sorry). Maybe I’ll talk more about my trip in another post!

Let’s talk books of the year. So I read 47 out of my goal of 45. The number is kinda annoying me since it’s so close to 50 yet not there plus if I did reach 50 it would atleast be half of last years accomplishment. But, in the end I read some amazing books and that’s what matter in the end. Right?

Some of my favourites were:

  • As Long As The Lemon Trees Grow
  • Foul Lady Fortune
  • The Ballad of Never After
  • (Wait I was just looking at goodreads and realised I read These Violent Delights + Our Violent Ends this year!! Feels like ages ago! So well there’s that as well!!!!!
  • Love from Mecca to Medina

Also, maybe not considered a favourite but I’m proud of myself for finishing the Lord of the Rings series 😊

Moving on, I’m not gonna lie kinda scared about what 2023 holds especially since looking back, 2022 was a really good year but we’ll just have to go through it and see I guess…

Also Blogwise, I’ve got some post planned (in my head only oops) so hopefully those will be posted soon (right after I get them down on paper or a docs) and fingers crossed I can stay up to date on it 😅

Bye for now!

Zahra 💥 

*I feel like a common saying is “a shout into the void” but what does that really mean? Like is it just saying that you’re taking a shot randomly? Maybe you’re asking for help or like screaming but it just gets muted through the void… Random, but I wonder what the person who invented the world “void” thought of when he created it…

p.s Ha! You see those definitions back !

p.p.s Some fiction posts coming back soon iA

p.p.p.s compliment me on the photo I took (the featured photo) because I took it in the plane and I’m proud okay?


12 responses to “Happy New Year + Hello again + Books of the year”

  1. Ahh lovely to see your posts back on the reader Zahra! First of all, the featured image is AMAZING (the skill 🤩)- ahh it makes me want to go on a plane again (hopefully sometime in 2023 😆) I’m excited to see some more fiction posts!

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    1. Haha thank you and I tooootally didn’t beg for that compliment but thanks for delivering 😆😆
      Yes hopefully they’ll be out there soon!

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  2. Amazing pic and good writing

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  3. Yep, for us school starts in less than two weeks and like every other year, there’s gonna be lots of scratching out 2022 and rewriting 2023😂😆.
    Well I started my new year off with a countdown and a crossover into the new year church service✨.
    I spent way tooooo much time trying to figure out how you even did that with the featured image – gorgeous 🤩👌!!! Future photographer right there🌚😉

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    1. Yup, there’s no stopping that crossing out! I still sometimes accidentally write 2020 😬
      Ooh that sounds nice!!
      Haha thank youuuu! I just randomly noticed the reflection and was like “I NEED TO TAKE A PHOTOOOO!”


      1. 😂2020?!! Girl you need to let that year go😆
        Of course you had to take a photo! It’s beautiful – looks like something you’d find on the cover of a really, really, really good novel✨🎇

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      2. Righttt!!
        Aww thx so much 🥰


  4. IAHDJSKJDJW WELCOME BACK ZAHRA I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!! also YES the plane photo is stunningness I LOVE?? (I swear I’m not saying that just because you asked ITS ACTUALLY REALLY PRETTY OK) and omg I must read all your favorites??? TVD IS TOP PRIORITY THIS YEAR OF COURSE. and yayy to getting through the entirety of lord of the rings ITS DEFINITELY A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT BECAUSE HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIZE OF THOSE BOOKS?? THE ENORMOSITIES. Congratulations!!!!! Your trip to New York sounds like SO much fun I CANT WAIT TO HEAR ALL ABOUT IT?? Happy new year and I hope it’s a phenomenal one <33


    Liked by 1 person

      Yessss!!! You’ve GOT to read TVD and you better rant to me about it!!! Omg rightt! I didn’t think I’d read them and it’s actually good if the lacing was worked on but I really like the movies!

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  5. […] did not forget the blog but I was racking my brain for ideas and nothing was coming! OKAY I hear you. I said I had a lot of ideas for upcoming posts. (did I forget them…noooo of course not) *ahem* anyway kids, THIS is why you […]

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